Saturday, May 22, 2010

Like hotcakes, I tell ya.

April and May (thus far) have been filled with lots of travel and family time, and it doesn't appear that will change much between now and the latter part of June.  I've been to northern California, Seattle, the southern Oregon coast, Boston and New York City.  I've celebrated a niece turning 40 (always a great reality check for those times when I get to thinking I'm not really that old.  Oh yes, I am!), watched a granddaughter be baptized, attended our daughter's bridal shower, met our future son-in-law's family, attended the umpteenth annual family Easter egg hunt (see last year's post on that one), met my newest great-nephew who came into the world at a whopping 3 lbs., 10 oz. (and eight weeks early), and had a little "down time" with four of my seven girls' weekend girls.

While I wouldn't have missed a single one of those events for the world, it's made for interesting times in terms of trying to keep up with the rest of life, as evidenced by my nearly two-month absence here.   My house is passable, but certainly not up to my usual standard of clean.  My writing work has been done on schedule, but I haven't been actively pursuing additional projects due to all the travel and family commitments on the horizon.  I've not been able to get to Knit-Up since early April.

What I have been doing is this:

Reversible drawstring bags

I'm not usually one to cast blame, but I really have no choice here.  It's my friend Melissa's fault.  She asked me for a bag for her one-skein knitting projects.  So, I made her one.  Then I made a couple more and put them on Etsy.  They sold.  Then, I received an order for nine.  Then, I was contacted by a yarn shop owner in NY about private-labeling some for her shop (we'll see what, if anything, comes of that).   And in the midst of it all, orders for my other bags seem to keep coming, as well.  

I may have to give up sleep between now and the end of June, but I'm having a blast.  And thankfully, I've been so busy that this ridiculous weather has been little more than an annoyance.  I can hardly imagine how guilty I'd feel spending my day at the sewing machine if it was actually warm enough to garden...