Friday, October 31, 2008

Reader's block

I think I've broken it, finally. For months now, I've been experiencing A.D.D. where reading is concerned. More than a magazine or newspaper article, and my mind would wander off, unable to focus on the content of whatever I was taking in. I couldn't get excited about the books on my nightstand. I would listen to people talk about the various books they'd just finished reading, but none of the genres seemed to capture my interest. Reading is one of my loves, but this feeling of restlessness strikes me every few years and I've yet to identify the cause.

Thankfully, it all ended yesterday. I was headed for the gym, and picked up my copy of Water For Elephants on my way out the door. DD#2 gave it to me earlier this year and it's been sitting unopened ever since, despite the fact that I had asked for the book! I'm back into my reading groove and it feels good.

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