Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One of a Million?

That's my estimate of how many blog posts I'm among out there featuring a photo similar to this one from our beautiful Central Oregon this week.

Click on photo to view the Three Sisters and Broken Top

I made the drive to Sisters Sunday morning for the Stitchin Post's customer appreciation days (thanks for the heads up, Sarah...I love that store...and it should love me back...), and actually remembered to take my camera for a change. It's a wonder there aren't more accidents along Hwy. 20 on days like that; it's hard to keep your eyes on the road when the Cascades are looming so large you can almost reach out and touch them.

I have an ongoing love affair with the Cascade range, probably because of growing up with Mt. Shasta out my front window. If you're a geology lover, there is a fabulous book on the Cascade volcanoes called Fire & Ice by Stephen Harris. I picked it up several years ago at the visitor center at Mt. St. Helens. It's out of print now, but available used on Amazon and probably also through the library. Check it out! It will give you a whole new appreciation for this beautiful chain of mountains.


  1. This PDX girl can never remember which sister is which, or Broken Top or 3 Fingered Jack. We were over that way last summer, and I just kept staring; it was all so gorgeous. I just know Hood, St. Helens, Rainier, Adams...

  2. It's hard to keep them all straight! In the pic above, from left to right: Broken Top, South Sister (Charity), Middle Sister (Hope), North Sister (Faith). I love your part of the Cascades, as well. While I was living in Portland a million years ago, it was always a good day when you could see Hood.

  3. Beautiful as always! And I'm loving your blog - new designs, posts, pics. Miss you...