Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I miss knitting.

It hit me this week that it's time to start knitting again.  Must be the fall bite in the air (which, btw, is quite annoying since it's still August and we didn't even get the true feel of summer here until practically July.  But I'm not bitter.).  I can't really say I don't have anything on my needles, because I do.  It's been hanging out in my knitting bag for months now, and I can't seem to get through more than two rows before I start yawning from boredom.  I think it could be because it's a re-run---I've knit one already and liked it so much I decided to cast on another.  And this one's red; a really, really beautiful red.  Lamb's Pride Blue Blood Red.  Apparently, that's still not enough to lure me back.  For now, I've lost interest.  Maybe I have K(nitting)ADD?

Whatever the reason, I'm not inspired by what I have going, and yet I'm really in the mood to knit.  So, it's time to pick a new project and cast on.  I've found myself poking around on Ravelry the past few days, looking for something I just have to make.   Even if it's just a scarf.  Heck, it's been so many months since I've been serious about knitting, it probably should be just a scarf.   We'll see.

I'm posting about this to keep myself honest.  I will cast on a new project within the week.  And I will post about it.

There.  No pressure.


  1. Blue Blood Red is my favorite LP red! I used it in several Christmas stockings. There. I said it. Christmas! Time for you to start knitting!

  2. Ack! That may have been just the swift kick I need. Thanks for the reminder, Michele!