Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Twenty Years

Two decades. 7,305 days. 175,320 hours. I could keep going, but you get the point. Today is our 20th wedding anniversary, and I consider it a pretty big milestone. Has it been all roses? Of course not. But it's been a wonderful journey with a good man, and I wouldn't trade any of it. So, in honor of our special day, I present twenty things I love about my husband (in no particular order):
  1. He always wakes up in a good mood.
  2. He's my biggest cheerleader. Very supportive.
  3. He likes to cook, and frequently does.
  4. He's incredible with animals.
  5. He's not snooty.
  6. He loves farming.
  7. He's openly affectionate with his family.
  8. He makes incredible french toast.
  9. His marinara sauce is amazing.
  10. He likes to garden.
  11. He doesn't shy away from hard work.
  12. He drives when I don't want to, which is often.
  13. He shovels the snow.
  14. He's great at meeting people.
  15. His positive outlook.
  16. He doesn't spend all weekend watching football.
  17. He puts up with my moods.
  18. He spoils me.
  19. He's got a great sense of humor.
  20. He's young at heart.
Happy Anniversary, Honey. I love you.

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