Tuesday, August 25, 2009

One to enjoy before summer's behind us

Before we get to the end of summer, I wanted to share a recipe I found that I've been enjoying this season. Ordinarily, I don't consider myself a cole slaw fan. It's largely because of the mayo. I'll only eat mayonnaise--and it has to be Best Foods--in certain dishes, and cole slaw isn't one of them. Recently, though, I was asked to bring a salad to a friend's dinner party. The entree was to be chicken enchiladas, so I went on the hunt for a complementary Mexican recipe. I think I've found my kind of cole slaw! This Spicy Southwestern Slaw was very refreshing with lots of distinct flavors. I'm a bit wary with jalapenos and cayenne, so the only modifications I made to the recipe were to substitute diced green chiles for the jalapenos, and to use only about 1/4 tsp. of cayenne. Everyone still felt it was spicy enough, and allowed the other flavors in the salad to really stand out.
If you're a cabbage fan, I recommend giving this a try! It'd be a great addition to fish tacos, too. Hmm...maybe that's what's for dinner!


  1. Perfect timing...I am going to give this a try for the Spinning Potluck in Sunriver this Thursday :D Hope to see you soon, Polly

  2. Yum! Since I could eat mexican food at any meal, I'm going to try this one. Thanks