Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I ran a marathon! Well, sort of...

As some of you recall, I participated in a half-marathon in January. Shortly thereafter, I was coerced--er, I mean, invited--to do another one in June with two nieces who live near Seattle. Despite the fact that I wasn't able to train as rigorously for the second one, I did complete it, and I did beat my Phoenix time by one whole minute!
Yay, me!

Considering the Seattle course was hilly, and the Phoenix one was flat as a pancake, I was thrilled to come in with a better time.

If you're a runner who enjoys participating in these events, I have high praise for the Rock 'n' Roll Series of races. Not because the music along the route is outstanding (I honestly didn't feel it was, in either race), but because the races were so well organized. From the registration packet pick-up to the finish line, it was a smooth and enjoyable experience. The Seattle course was absolutely beautiful, too. It began in Tukwila and wound up through the Seward Park neighborhood, along Lake Washington, through the I-90 tunnel and into downtown. Great views!

Now, imagine my surprise when another medal arrived in the mail recently...
See that? It says 26.2 miles! That's a marathon, right?! Never mind the fact that it took me six months to get it done.


  1. That's fabulous Polly! Congratulations. Since I can't finish a run around the block let alone a marathon, I really admire what you've done.

  2. Thanks, Barb! I'm glad to have checked these off "the list". :-) Good experiences all around.